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Project Type

UX Research 


2 weeks, June 2022


Denver, CO


Miro, Figma

“Globetrot is the modern traveler's source for inspiration. Connect with other who have been there and done that to plan (or just dream about) your next trip. Don't walk past another hidden gem on your way to a tourist trap”

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the design challenge

How might we enable travelers to break outside the mold and create a unique and personal itinerary?

How might we help give time back to people planning travel by making it simpler, streamlined, and more trustworthy?

How might we help connect individuals traveling for leisure or exploration to create a better, more collaborative, experience?


I started with a broad objective and needed to dive into the research so I could truly understand the user I was designing for. To give me a bit of direction, i scribbled out a proto persona named Molly who makes friends everywhere she goes, seeks adventure, and rely on reviews when she books travel. From there, i started the interviews. I conducted 6 1 on 1 interviews to dive deeper into their process around planning trips. What I uncovered was that these potential users want the process to become more social and collaborative. They trust recommendations from friends and feel confident when they see someone in their social network has taken the same or a similar trip. On the other hand, users also feel proud when they influence others and like to post (boast) about the travels they themseleves have been on.


Now that I had some research to go on, it was time to update my persona. Molly now became a guide to lead me into the design process. Her goals were to have easier collaboration, network recos, and a platform to seamlessly share her own travel experiences. Her pain points are finding others to travel with and the lack of trust she has in big name booking sites but not having the time to comb throgh blogs! It became clearer that the app's purpose was to serve as a modern travelers source for inspiration and point of cnnection with others to help you plan your next trip. Now that I had cemented my user ingsight and problem statement, it was time to move into the next phase. Goal: How might we empower travelers to break away from the usual resources to create a more unique and personal travel expereicnce through connecting with other individuals? Based on the research, there seemed to be a gap in current social platforms and travel planning apps. People are looking for a way to easily connect and simplify their current planning process while making it more trustworthy and collaborative.


My first userflow took into account the ways i thought an app like this would be most useful: map homepage, messaging, in app camera. It was very staraightforward. I started to build out a few wireframes showing how you could naviage a map of the world and zoom in on pinned locations that your friends or network have travelled to and posted about. Once I had some digital wirefframes built in Figma, I prototyped and tested to get feedback. I made iterations and mved onto low fidelity... and tested again. These diffrent versions of the prototype were constantly improving, without user feedback I would have assumed a buttons function was clear when in fact it wasn't as obviosu as I had thought.


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